Copal with Fossil Insects and Inclusions


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SIZE (Picture scale cube=1cm):   76 x 12 x 7mm (2.99 x 0.47 x 0.28 inches)

All of our Fossils are 100% Genuine Specimens & come with a Certificate of Authenticity

Copal with Inclusions
Age: Pleistocene Period ~ 2.58 – 0.012 million years ago
Location Found: Madagascar

Copal is hardened tree resin, & a younger variation of Amber. These Copal samples are packed with inclusions, including flies, ants, bugs, and more! They are generally easy to see with the naked eye, though we recommend using a magnifying aid to view the inclusions. Copal can tend to be cloudier than Amber.

Copal & Amber Inclusions are unfortunate insects, plants etc. which became entombed in tree resin (not tree sap) millions of years ago. With the inclusion engulfed, the resin slowly hardened through a natural polymerization of the original organic compounds. This hardened material is known as Copal, which preserves the inclusion perfectly. Through time the Copal becomes buried and, over a several million year process, slowly turns into what we know as Amber. Incredibly this process has allowed us to marvel at ancient specimens frozen in time, as if captured only yesterday.

We would always suggest using a magnifying aid to view your specimen so to truly appreciate the inclusions stunning frozen detail.

ACTUAL AS SEENThe image shows the EXACT specimen you will receive. The specimen has been carefully hand selected and photographed. Measurements are as accurate as possible, though be aware measuring precise dimensions can be difficult from irregular shaped items. Whilst we portray colours as close to life-like as we can, colours will vary if taken in sunlight, indoors, from monitor to monitor and device to device. Once this specimen is sold, we will update this listing with new similar selected item, with a new photo and dimensions so this listing will change after you purchase. The scale cube in the photo is 1cm to give a visual size.

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(Actual as seen)


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